Thursday, April 8, 2004

so this is love... hmmmm hmmmm

m in motherfreakin love.... in it... right in the middle of it... and he is too... but we dont say "it". He says hes falling and fallen.... I smile and giggle... and tell him about how Ive always imagined myself as thirty, which he nearly is age anyways, w/ a kid or two, and this amazing husband w/ this house w/ tall ceilings and two fancy cars in the garage and some sexy outfit on like Im Jennifer Aniston or something... and its so wonderful... and I have blonde hair but its kinda chunky blonde and sorta shortish.... and this guy that im sitting on my leather couch w/ watching a movie w/, i always cover this black empty figure up w/ whoever I am dating or have a crush on or w/e.... but I always have to alter something about him.... like his hair or his style, or music taste or some charachter trait I dont like... and I always say to myself I hope he grows out of that.... well this time I dont have to change anything.... He is that.... that perfect loving wonderful picture that I have in my head.... he's there and I dont have to change a thing... and I cant beleive this... its too good to be true... after lunch today I nearly cried w/ happiness for being w/ him and sadness because I didnt want to go... he's amazing...

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