Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why My Day Sucks More Than Yours

*I have a TERRIBLE head cold causing me to have to breath through my mouth which makes for a very attractive display when I try to eat, sudden drips of snot exiting the right nostril at any given moment w/o any notice, achey ears, watery eyes, chapped lips, violent sneezing, and can do nothing to alleviate these terrible symptoms.
*I have become that pregnant lady that pees a little when she sneezes.
*Work 8a-930p til Fri.
*Work Sat and Sun.
*Have NOTHING to do at work, and TONS to do at home.
*Have a not so pleasant feminine infection.
*Have a headache
*Have vitamins stuck in my throat.
*I'm getting cankles.

But the things that are getting me through the day... this cutesy wootsey baby kicking around in my tummy, and my wonderful shmonderful husband who loves me more than the whole wide universe.....

......and my Christmas present around my neck ......

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