Thursday, December 23, 2004


Damnit man... WTF.

I just spilled coffee all over my, wait.... what color skirt am I wearing today??? WHITE. White fucking skirt.........w/ a huge brown stain on it!! And you know what's even better.... the coffee is absolutely REPULSIVE. I opened the lid to see if there were rat feet or frog tongues in there b/c it is disgusting. So.... now I have no coffee to drink b/c this is nasty, but I wouldnt drink it anyways b/c it just got all over my white freakin skirt and Im pissed at it (and wait, its only 8:45 in the morning... I have to walk around like this until 5pm.... and then I need to find SOMETHING ELSE to wear to go to my other job) Man... I actually liked my outfit htis morning too... FU damn coffee thats G-Ross.

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