Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School.

There is something about this time of year, that makes the inner kid in me excited, overjoyed, ready for life....  For some reason, it is a bit off, this year.  Perhaps it is having three, up from one, in school.  Well, maybe I should change that from 1 to 5.  School causes me such....what is the word for anxiety/dread/hopefulness/inspirational all rolled into one??  Anrefulnal??  Well, that.  Anxious for me that I will not disappoint myself, dread that I will not achieve to my standards, hopeful that I will accomplish both of those, and inspired because it will lead me on the path of my future.

My girls are set and ready to go.  We went school shopping, we bought clothes and shoes, and we tried on...outfit upon outfit upon shoes upon necklaces and new to this year-earrings.  Even though Avery is in FOURTH grade, it still makes me nervous, for me-not her, to walk up to the front of the school.  Claire is starting school in a new building, mostly the same people... she is just completely overjoyed and excited.  Nora is just happy to follow suit of her sisters.  I'm going to make another excuse that my Claire Bear is headed to Kindergarten in ONE summer... Yep.  That right there is a kicker for me to grasp right now.

But, what am I supposed to wear on their first day of school???  That is just as important as their first day of school outfits, right??  Too bad I forgot to pick one of those up for myself and the Estee Lauder counter was out of my make-up during their free gift with purchase. 

The camera is ready to go.  The hair, the clothes, the shoes... all green lights.  Just not the mommy...  stalling at yellow.  Not wanting to let go.... not wanting to put a foot through the door.  At least not my foot, anyways...

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