Friday, October 15, 2010

(RE) Freshed

That is how I feel.  And, my new outlook.  I often have this compelling need to write, yet with family, computer, timing, (perhaps I am driving), it is more than likely, not possible.  I hate that urging feeling for those reasons.  And, sometimes, it is simply due to the fact that my computer chair has been commandeered by a fellow family member for other, quite important purposes, surely.  So, tonight, I commandeered my own seat, the ottoman which houses my girls many tutus and dress up clothes. Actually, it is more comfortable than my Pottery Barn wooden chair.  HHhhmmm....  brain is churning on that idea-how to claim this as mine! 

Okay, so I am known to ramble....    I entered the sacred room of a child birth educator class, taught by the lovely Lindsey Morrow, whom I have grown to love and admire, thanks to Stephanie.  I went to the class.... okay, a truth and a 3/4 truth... because I want to know EVERYTHING about birth (FULL truth).  I want to experience every childbirth class, research every question, have answers to these questions, and be an entire full support reference/person to those who need it.  I am a doula, and I will say with confidence, I am a pretty damn good one.  I cannot help my love of pregnancy and babies.  I cannot deny my fall-in-love-at-first-sight with the bellies.  I cannot deny my love of being with women who are pregnant, laboring, or with a child entering this scary world-scary because it is so different from where they have come.  My fractions/stats, as stated above, now seem irrelevant, because now they all seem to be absolute.  I am so truly blessed to have the patience of my husband and children, to allow and enable me to do what I was placed on this Earth to do.  I am here to help mothers, fathers, and babies, along with being a mother, and I can do all of these things wholly.  In any and all capacities.  Labor is not something that can be planned or arranged.  I am so thankful that I have the ability to support a mother who is without her husband and the father due to the Military, and additionally sit in on a class in which I also have another client that is taking this class. My elatement, yes, new coined word, by these people, and their strength and trust in me, leaves me with the inability to type to convey the description of which I feel. 


Mama Frog said...

I am so glad you have found your true calling!

Maureen said...

Thanks :)