Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Family Necklace

A post well overdue, but such is life!  A few months back, I was reading one of my most absolutely favorite blogs, Enjoying the Small Things by Kelle Hampton.  Not only is her writing and photography simply breathtaking, so are her little girls.  If you're not already on her bandwagon, I suggest you hop to it!  At any rate, she was showing off some gorgeous jewelery she scored from Bel Kai Designs, and I knew I had to have a piece.  Whitney's work is amazing, how could you not want every one of her magnificent, handcrafted masterpieces??

How perfectly vintage are these customized petite silhouettes?  

Of course we all know that THIS caught my eye right off the bat!  As she says, perfect for any doula!

To a classic lotus necklace.  Who would not love this adorning their neck?

Or better yet, raise awareness and help fight ovarian cancer when you buy this necklace.  There are a few purty treasures in her shop in which she'll donate a portion of the proceeds to a great cause, and this is one of them.  Purchase this, and 25% will go to Word On Cancer... How rockin' is that?

There is a perfect and affordable gift for everyone, and she does not disappoint!  After (well, I won't admit the amount of time I spent mulling over her shop)-I knew I had created the perfect piece of jewelery to compliment my perfect little family.  The wait was agony... I am a natural mailbox stalker, anyways, but knowing I had a special little treat coming my way, wrapped up in a box made perfectly to compliment the surprise inside, made the wait for that little white car?  truck? vehicle? to stop in front of my doorstep, even harder.


(and my camera does not do it justice!)

Hop on over to her blog and like her facebook page, so you can stay up to date one what treasures she unfolds.

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