Friday, April 8, 2011

Me the Mom

There are times when I debate whether or not I wished I lived in a different country, or rather I am proud to parade around and share with others my parenting style, which in the US, is often deemed as "weird".  Why is it, than in this "free", industrialized country, am I abnormal?  If I lived in a "third world" country, I would be considered "normal".  Why is it I receive awkward glances for nursing a toddler, strapping a tot on my back with a sling, or diaper 'em up with a fabric that could be worn as a shirt?  Why am I the "whacko" that still lets my kid sleep in my bed, and never owned a crib?  What happened to this country?  I would much rather be termed-third world, than be in a country of mal-adjustment, obesity, attachment issues, than in a place where I am surrounded with luxuries and prada (which I can't afford and even so, would never own...)  The whole clean water thing I quite enjoy.  I just wish this industrialized country in which I live, with a boundless debt, thinks I am a weirdo, because I choose to parent as I do.  Stick me in a village.


~B. said...

Loved this post. Love that you're a "third world' kinda mom. I grew up in West Africa, and the culture is in my heart, especially where kids are concerned.

Maureen said...

Thank you :) Lucky are you, to me :)