Friday, March 4, 2011


It's so ridiculous how many posts that I have saved because I am awaiting for the perfect pictures to complete my words...  And, yet tonight, I have another, however, (how many freakin' commas can I use!!!) post that will probably not make sense to most...  And, many may not agree.

My favorite Aunt died when I was in high school.  She committed suicide.  She shot her self in the head.  I swear she haunted my bedroom for years, to the point that I could not sleep without my bedroom light on.  As ironic as it may sound, and as shitty as I may portray one of the best men on this planet-my twin brother-I could not sleep without the loud music of the now terrible Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carraba's "Sleep With All The Lights On".

I more than hate that I happen to be the Ultimate Bearer of Bad News to my husband.  It was just 9 months ago I read on facebook his first sweetheart died, and then I have to go ahead and tell him shitty news again.  (Not so funny thing is...) I say "Oh my..."  Nora says  "What??" And then I have to say "I think I may have to tell Daddy something bad... I'm not sure yet"...  Well, I did.  And, yeah, it sucked.  The bad news I had to present last summer rolled itself over to today when I had to tell him the last "bad" news I told him was that the last bad news (his first sweetheart, FYI)'s mother died.  Blah.   Barf.   And a much needed what the four-letter-word.

I am so sick of death and dying, and more than sick of being the wife of bad news.... I mean, really???  WTF?!?  It made my brain spill in too many directions.

But, mostly please, can I get a break from having to be the one to tell my husband some really crappy info?!?   And, then, it turned into more... which I may or may not share.....

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